Welcome to the Chico Veterans Registry.

We are excited to announce we will be dedicating
the CHS Ring of Honor on March 25, 2022.


Due to COVID supply chain problems, we can't get all our materials to finish the site in time for next month's scheduled dedication! In fact, we are now told that there are significant delays in getting the bricks and plaques. For this reason, we have to delay the dedication again. We are setting a new date of March 25th in the hope that the huge supply chain issues will ease and we can complete the installation.

The good news is that our flag pole is on the way. Once we get it installed we can assemble the central concrete benches. Chico Electric is preparing to install the lights which will illuminate at night. We will be able to take down the orange safety fences and use two short metal fence sections right in front, which will be much more attractive until we can get the bricks and plaques.

Thank you for your support and patience over this grueling process!

This site serves three purposes:

  1. To allow Veterans who attended High Schools in Chico to have their names listed on the monuments at Chico and Pleasant Valley High Schools. This listing is free. Only the names of Chico Veterans will be engraved on the walls. We will also accept other Chico School Veterans for possible future projects.
  2. To allow ANY Veteran or family of ANY veteran (from Chico or elsewhere) to purchase a memorial brick for the Veterans Plaza to honor a Veteran. This is the main way we will pay for the new Chico High School Veteran Ring of Honor. Again, this does not need to be a Chico Veteran. You may also purchase a miniature copy of your brick for your desk or to send to a distant Veteran. You may purchase bricks for as many Veterans as you wish.
  3. We hope that you will help us pay for the Chico High School Veterans Ring of Honor with a tax-free donation. Your donation will be made via credit card to the Golden Valley Bank Community Foundation – Chico Veterans Honor Fund - 501(c)(3) tax ID #20-8398003. Even small donations are helpful!

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